RHS Academy

The RHS Academy of hairdressing teaches you everything you need to know to become a real hairdresser, live your dream, improve and deepen existing knowledge, or explore alternative methods for performing the most popular techniques of the moment.


By taking courses at the RHS Academy, you improve your professionalism, learn advanced dyeing techniques, various types of haircuts for men and women, always paying great attention to the stylistic part.

The academy meant for train professional hairdressers, therefore it offers many technical and stylistic courses, relevant and interesting techniques, but at the same time easy to perform.


By learning what is taught in our courses, you will easily reach your ultimate goal: to become a competent and fashionable hairdresser.

The RHS Academy offers an unforgettable educational experience for anyone looking to continually improve their skills.

Hurry up to take our courses, choosing between online and face-to-face participation!

Your success is our victory!!!

Hairdressing Courses

At RHS Academy we teach everything necessary to become a true hairdresser, enabling you to fulfill your dream, improve and enhance known techniques, or learn alternative methods of execution for the most current trending techniques.



Roman Mazepin began his career as a hairdresser back in 1998. Since then, he has founded several beauty salons, and for the past few years he has been conducting courses at a high professional level.

Roman is the creator of new revolutionary techniques of dyeing and haircuts, he can express the character and individual style of each person through shapes and colors. His skills allow him to work with different hair types (thin, Asian, South European, Middle Eastern). Over the past 10 years, he has perfected the technique of restoring damaged hair. Roman teaches innovative methods and author’s developments.

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What People Say?

Sarah Eveline Franco

Thank you Roman!!! You are a great teacher!!! ☺️ Congratulations to all for the organization!!! You are all very good!!! Your courses have been an asset to me because I have learned a lot and this has also made me more confident in performing work on the client???? I hope to always take many more courses with voi☺️ Well done!!! ???????? God bless you!!!

Lucaci Anamaria

A beautiful training with interesing explanations ,very kind and helpful. Thank you for your availability and patience with each of us.

Mariarita Pulcini

It was my first refresher course since I specialized..what can I say! It was very interesting, we were given very good advice for a quality work that respects itself, then they a formidable team, patient with everyone and very knowledgeable..thanks guys to the next one (because I will definitely be there too )

Yuliya Boklan

A very good idea!!!!A Rome misses so much!!!!!!Wishes!

Top Questions

Do the courses require you to have a model?

All students are required to work on a natural hair training head during the live practical session, no human model required.

Do I have to purchase the kit items to take part in the course?

Students are required to have access to their own professional tool kit and purchase any additional items required. Please note that some of the items may already be salon essentials so there is no need to purchase more if you already own them.

Can I cancel the date of my live webinar?

If you need to cancel the date of your live webinar you can do it free of charge 14 days prior to the date of webinar. If you are unable to attend due to legal restrictions or any other personal emergency out of your control, you will have access to the video recording of the course for 6 months.

How long will I have access to the online training portal for?

After your webinar you will continue to have access to this course video recording via the online learning portal valid for 6 months.