Extensions: 6 Techniques

Extensions: 6 Techniques

This is a complete course that will dispel any doubts about how to apply hair extensions. It will enable you to learn how to apply hair extensions using different techniques: thus, you will be able to work independently, and you will become a hair extension professional. While showing different fitting techniques, we will explain how to use them to add volume and length to even the finest hair.



  1. Micro-keratin extension technique to add volume and length;
  2. classic keratin extension technique to add volume, length and colour; 
  3. tape-in and micro tape-in extension technique; 
  4. double-strip and single-strip fitting technique with micro-rings; 
  5. stitched-strip extension technique; 
  6. strip extension technique with micro-rings; 
  7. single strand micro-ring extension technique.


  1. Theoretical part with explanation of the programme and of the techniques that will be demonstrated during the course; 
  2. preparation of tools and hair for extension fitting;
  3. visual part with demonstration by the teacher; 
  4. practical part of extension application by participants with micro-keratin and other techniques; 
  5. analysis of different hair structures to choose the right hair type for application;
  6. maintenance after extension application; 
  7. correct removal of extensions;
  8. cutting the extensions (a technique);
  9. treatments and products to be used after applying extensions;
  10. hairstyling with extensions (a technique);
  11. hair restoration after extension removal and reuse of extensions if the hair is not damaged;
  12. theoretical marketing course on how to launch the hair extension service in your salon.


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