Charitable Donations to Privacy and Competition Organizations Around the World

2022 marks DuckDuckGo’s twelfth year of donations—our annual program to support organizations that share our vision of raising the standard of trust online. This year, we’re proud to donate to a diverse selection of organizations across the globe that strive for better privacy, digital rights, greater competition in online markets, and access to information free from algorithmic bias.

Drink loads of water –I cannot emphasize this point enough. One thing that you cannot skip upon is drinking 3 litres of water each day regardless of the weather. Water is a boon sent from heaven just for your skin. Drinking water can help you flush out toxins which clear all the pimples and bumps from the surface of your skin.

Have a skin regime – Even if it just includes washing your face and moisturizing it have a skin regime. Having a skin regime is similar to having a balanced diet for your skin.

“Avoid having an erratic sleep pattern and do not let your work create a lot of stress for you either.”

Trevor Lawson

Sleeping beauty – The consequences of your bad lifestyle habits are quite evident on your skin if you don’t improve. Having a sound sleep of 8 hours is the least one could do to have a healthy and glowing skin.